Couponing Can Be Fun For The Whole Family

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Although couponing is mostly revered as a way to save money, it can become a worthwhile hobby for the whole family as well.  The entire family can get involved from the youngest child to the oldest adult.  Finding the coupons in different newspapers and other publications is like a treasure hunt for children.  But there are other reasons to involve the family as well.

Knowing what a coupon is, even if the child can’t read yet, is a way to teach them what to look for.  Even if the coupon is not what you were looking for, they will be able to point it out.  Most coupons have a bar code on them in order the store to scan them into the register to let take advantage of the savings.  A lot of them also are bordered by a dashed line for easy identification.  Once those coupons are pointed out, you can teach that young child how to clip the coupon on those dashed lines with a pair of safety scissors, building their dexterity.

Next, have the older children sort them into categories.  The child reads the coupon, decides which category it belongs in and makes a stack for each category.  Mom or Dad can go through them later to decide if the coupon can be used or not.  There are times that the coupon offered does not provide a savings, so it is important to note how much of the product you have to purchase in order to use the coupon.

When the children are done sorting the clipped coupons, you can place them in a folder or envelopes that are labeled by their category.  That way, when you write your grocery list, you can refer to them to build a list of products you want to buy according to the savings you can get with you coupon file.

Tips for Using Coupons

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Everybody loves to save some money.  Anything from rummage sales to online auctions has become a popular way to keep some of that cash in your pocket.  Most recently, a lot of people are turning to couponing as a method to save their money.  They watch their local newspapers for different stores and manufacturers to offer a coupon for a discount on their products.  Some families do couponing as a hobby, letting their children search out and clip the coupons for them.  Then their parents sort them into categories according to their needs.

If you ask any “professional” coupon user, you can be sure they have a few tips for you.  The first one is to clip coupons for the brand of products that you routinely use as well as for products that are similar to the brands that you have already tried.  Products that are new on the market usually offer the biggest savings in their coupon marketing.  The second tip is to check the price of those products in your area to be sure that you are actually saving some money.  There are times when the price of a newer product is higher than a market average and the coupon only brings it down to the average price of a product you have already been purchasing.  The third tip is to have a list of what you intend to purchase when you get to a particular store and put the associated coupons with that list so you have them for reference.

The next tip is to check for expiration dates on the coupons and the amount of the product you have to purchase in order to get the savings.  Weigh out whether you need that product at the time (before the expiration date) and how much of it you need.  You can only save money with coupons if the product does not go to waste.

Using Coupons to Saving Money

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Times are hard for a lot of families, so everyone looks for the best ways to stretch every dollar they earn.  They try everything from cutting down to only basic services to lighting only one room in the home at night.  They are holding on to more of their expendable income in preparation for harder times, if they haven’t already fallen into them.  They are also finding other ways to save money, like using coupons for savings off their purchases.

There are a lot of manufacturers that offer coupons for money off if you buy their products.  In a lot of cases, when they introduce a new product you can be sure that a coupon drive will follow.  Most times, those coupons offer a big savings for an initial purchase of the new product, making it worth your while to buy that product over another one that is already on the market.  But manufacturers of the products that have been on the market for a long time will also combat that marketing tactic with their own coupons.  In the end, the consumer can save a lot of money on a wide range of products.

There are some companies that offer coupons for a percentage off of a total purchase as well.  For example, 10% off a total purchase of $99 or more.  It may not seem like much, but if you are buying items that are already on sale that $9.99 can make a big difference.  You get a lot more than you actually pay for.  Some stores will also do “double-coupon” days, meaning that you would get 20% off on that same coupon.  If you have other coupons for specific products, you can save even more on that over-all purchase.  You can walk out of that store with all of the products you were looking for at nearly half the cost of what you would pay without them.